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#AskKenneth Blog on 17.7.2017

Blog on 17.7.2017

Today was pretty bad. I thought I had two days with high carbs, I would have a good training session this morning.

A. Front Squat - Hepburn

Set 1 - 295kg x 3 reps

Set 2- 295kg x 3 reps

Set 3 - 295kg x 3 reps

Set 4 - 295kg x 3 reps (Suppose my goal was to do 2 reps only, I challenged myself to do one more. Then I felt I pulled my lower back on my right hand side.

Set 5 - 295kg x 2 reps. I wanted to do 3 reps, but my lower back didn't allow me to do it.

Therefore, I did 2 reps only. Actually I performed better than last week.

Then, I continue my remained workout, let see what I can do in the rest of the session.

Yes. I pulled my lower back, but I didn't leave the gym immediately.

B. Hip Thrust superset with DB Rear Foot elevated Split Squat.

C. Lying Leg Curl

D1. Reverse flye machine

D2. DB Lateral Raises

D3. DB Frontal Raises

In the afternoon, I decided that I was not going to practice Olympiclifting. I always train Olifts every Monday evening with coach and my teammates.

I did shoulders, biceps and triceps at the gym instead. That's my second session.

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