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#AskKenneth 154: Warm-up Exercise Before Squat & Running

Sometimes we sit on the chair more than walking and squatting right?

"Sitting position" makes us WEAK specially our glutes muscles.

This exercise looks easy and simple.

But you should try it first then let me know your feeling.

This exercise can activate your glutes and abductors.

Even you don't have knee pain at this moment, you still need to do a simple warm-up exercise to activate your weak muscles before your training.

Prevention is the way to stay from the injury.

I always do. How about you?


1. Leg straight - clockwise x 10 reps + anti-clockwise x 10 reps

2. Kick Back x 10 reps

3. Up & Down x 10 reps

then change leg

Each leg x 3 sets

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