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#AskKenneth 158: How To Build Your Back?

#AskKenneth 158: How to build your back?

Key points:

Retraction (translation: squeeze your scapulae together)

Contract your Lats as hard as you can

Hold there - make sure you feel the contraction

Lower down the weight with the contraction (Don't lose it)

Do it slowly -

If your goal is do to 4 sets x 10 reps, can you perform 40 reps with the exact feeling?

Make every REP counts

We train as hard as we can

Don't speed up the TEMPO.

We are NOT racing

Take your time to finish the REP. Don't rush!

If you can't feel the muscle, close your eyes to "feel" your muscle.

"mind-muscle connection" is the key!

"Make a light weight feel heavy."

#AskKenneth 14: 如何利用節奏(Tempo)來作訓練呢?第二講 - 如何去利用3011作拉背訓練?這種訓練對背部有什麼幫助?

Demonstration of rowing exercises

How to perform Inverted Row?

How to perform Eccentric Chin-up x 30sec?

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