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#AskKenneth 162: Can you get lean and get strong at the same time?

“A man who chases two rabbits, catches neither”.

If your goal is to get lean, Stay focus on your goal.

Do not think you will get super strong like the IG bodybuilders and olympiclifters.

You should not chase your 1RM or 3RM.


If your goal is to get strong like me,

You should not do too many cardio and cut too many calories.

If you do so many cardio (more than 2 times a week, you will kill your strength).

Your goal is to reserve more glycogen in training sessions.

If you want to improve your strength, you should not do massive calories deficit.

You cannot get stronger anyway, because you're dieting.

If your goal is to improve 3RM performance, EAT more carbs the days before training.

Carbs are your friend if you’re looking for getting stronger.

What about you want to get lean and get stronger at the same time?

For all beginners, you will get leaner and get stronger at the beginning - we call it "Beginner's Gain", because all of you start from negative.

From negative to the ground is easy to get lean and get strong.

If your training age is long enough (more than 3 years), you will find it harder to get stronger and get bigger.

Go back to the question, no matter you want to get bigger or get stronger, the first step is to GET LEAN first.

What is LEAN?

You can show me nice back definition and abs.

What is STRONG?

If you lifted 100kg x 10 reps, that was your 10RM two months ago.

Today, you lift 110kg x 10 reps, your strength is improved.

If you benched 100kg x 5 reps, that was your 5RM three months ago.

Today, you pressed 105kg x 5 reps, your strength is improved.

NO matter is 5RM or 10RM, you are getting stronger!

Getting stronger is a progression of hard training.

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