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#AskKenneth 172: Little Victory

#AskKenneth 172: Little Victory

As a coach, I always give a short-term goal to each trainee. When the trainee achieved one's personal goal, he/ she can get his/her little victory.

Body Fat

I always ask my trainees to check their skinfolds every week or every two weeks. That's important to monitor the progression of transformation.

Once the trainee's skinfolds go lower, he got his little victory. It means he is doing good in his current diet, and he put 100% effort in his training session.

Body Weight

Before starting the training, I always give the target bodyweight for the trainees to achieve after certain of the period. And I also give them weekly goals. Once they can get to their goals (for example, losing 1lb every week), they earned their little victories.

Training Performance

When my female trainees can perform chin-ups 30 reps within 20 mins, that's the little victory to them. They never thought they could do even one rep in the past years.

Accumulating every little victory is the key to achieve the ultimate goal.

No fast track!

No magic!

Little by little!

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