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#AskKenneth 173: Mentality

#AskKenneth 173: Mentality

Today, I had a casual conversation with Stormtrooper about training.

Both of us agreed that every trainee must be 100% focus before going to the gym. All of us need to be mentally prepared before picking up the weights. We are looking forward to each training session even we are feeling drained from the last training.

If we planned to train today at 7am, we don't have any excuse to skip the session.

If we are going to train legs, we make sure we will destroy our legs at the end of the session. We don't save energy for the end of the day. #allout

If we are going to train our chest, we make sure we can "pump" our chest as hard as possible. We use all kinds of training methods to stimulate our pec muscles. We also focus on every single rep of pressing.

"Do or die" is our mentality.

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