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#AskKenneth 180: Cardio

#AskKenneth 180: Cardio

If you're bored of walking on the treadmill for 45 to 60mins, you can switch your cardio to my style -

A1. Rowing 5km, keep pace and rating

RPE is around 75-85%

I took within 20mins to finish 5000m

(By the way, I forgot how did I maintain pace: 1:49/500m in 30mins in the past years.)

A2. Inclined Walking x 20mins, speed: 3.0m/hr, inc: 18.0

Normally, cardio is my 2nd session.

From Mon to Fri, I did 10 training sessions already including weight training, BJJ & cardio.

Will train on Sat & Sun? Of course.

Do I like training? Of course.

Do I have result? Of course.

Do I overtrain myself? I just want to work harder than everyone at the gym.


Rowing 5000m

Pace: 1:57.7/500m


Rowing 5000m

Pace: 1:57.6/500m

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