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#AskKenneth 181: How to train your Hammies ?

#AskKenneth 181: How to train your Hammies ?

1. People always take selfie to their chest, abs, arms, but not hammies.

2. You can have nice abs, but not hammies.

3. Hammies (Hamstrings) are the most difficult muscles to train and to feel.

4. Hammies are my weak links.

5. Hammies are the part of the posterior chain.

6. According to the principle of #strengthsensei #Metabolic Analytics, hamstrings are related to toxicity.

7. It means that your body's estrogen level is too high.

8. Fat Loss rule number one - Detoxification

9. How to detox? Prepare your meals and stop eating SHIT🥐,

You should drink a lot of water and a bunch of vegetables instead.

10. Sleep early (recovery) is a major part of detoxification.

11. You DO NOT need to drink any expensive detox juice❌❌❌

12. Here are posterior exercises for lower body:

Back extension


Reverse Hyper


Leg Curl

Good morning

Rack Pull


13. Slow eccentric is the key to feel your hammies. When trainees are doing RDL, for example, they lower down the barbell too fast.

Lifting weight from point A to point B without a purpose cannot have a good muscle contraction to your hammies.

14. You DO NOT need to take "drugs" to get ripped❌❌❌

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