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#AskKenneth 182: From Side Step-up to Pistol Squat

#AskKenneth 182: From Side Step-up to Pistol Squat

▶️Both exercises are the unilateral exercises.

▶️Side Step-up is a regression exercise;

Pistol Squat is a progression exercise.

▶️If you cannot manage Side Step-up, forget about Pistol Squat.

▶️As you know that I like to do calisthenics.

I like to do it at outdoor under the sun when I finished my main course at the gym.

▶️Both of them are bodyweight training , trainees can do them at anytime and anywhere.

▶️And you don't need any special equipment.

▶️You don't need to lift heavy back squat in every session, sometimes you can switch your program a little bit to stimulate your muscles to grow - Shock the muscles !

▶️By doing them, you will realize your weak-links, which leg is weaker than the other, and you can improve the structural balance as well.

▶️If you cannot do even Side Step-up, please go back to the fundamental exercises -

back squat

front squat

box squat

goblet squat

duck walk

TRX squat

hack squat

leg press

sissy squat

split squat

leg curl




▶️How low should I go?

My answer is all the way!

Personally, I quite like Crossfit system, if the athletes cannot reach the range of motion - NO REP!

▶️Bad to your knees?

Spend more time to do mobility work and the basic exercises first, read above!

▶️Not every exercise IS suitable for everyone. Depends.

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