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Five Questions From an Online Client

1. Maintain calories:

Workshop課上的例子是154lbs的人, train 5 days,就154 x 15calories, train 4 days 就x14,請問如此類推,係咪唔運動就x10? 這些基數是怎樣定出來?點解係15唔係16?

The number is just for your reference.

Depends on

- your muscle mass

- your body fat %

- training age (how long have you been training with a coach)

- how often do you train

- how many sessions do you train....

If a female trainee is over-weight, say 160lb, trains x 5 a week including weight training and cardio session, I may not give her 160x 15 = 2400kcal. I may give her 1200kcal instead. Depends individual.

2. High GI/ Low GI


For Fat Loss, I would like to introduce low-GI carbs for the trainees in order to stabilize the level of blood sugar and insulin level.

If you are lean and want to get stronger, I would like to recommend high-GI carbs after training session.

3. Calories In vs Calories Out

和同事傾開calories 出入問題,如果食多咗300卡,做番300卡運動,就可以抵消番,但我覺得唔係咁簡單的數字遊戲,應該係會有脂肪留低,否則我們就不用食瘦豬肉,可以直接食半肥瘦豬肉。你認為呢?

You mentioned two different things - training & diet.

You're right. Not that simple. If fat loss is that simple, everyone can lose fat after few weeks.

Do you remember I mentioned hormone issue - insulin & cortisol.

And also, What kind of thing burn fat?

Is muscle contraction.

Without muscle contraction, you cannot build any muscle and burn fat.

If you are taking care of diet and train regularly, you can burn fat and build muscle easily.

Think about this example -

If a female trainee's daily calorie intake is 1400kcal (under deficit),

*Her training session/ activity has already calculated inside her daily calories.

She did a weight training session and burned 300kcal (but don't forget her body is still burning calories after weight training session.)

Then she had total 1700kcal on that day (300kcal more on that day).

Will she gain fat immediately? Not really!

1400kcal x 7 days = 9800kcal/week.

If she is having total 9800kcal this week,

she may not gain fat ( if she measure her body fat every Monday).

If she had 1700kcal, and didn't reduce calories intake on the following days, she may gain fat or cannot lose fat on next Monday.

4. How to perform Single Arm Row

做 1-arm row,如果冇bench, 用jump box 較低的高度當bench做,或找個位扶著做,保持番身體斜度,得唔得?

Of course.

You can hold anything to stabilize your body.

Squat rack, bench, cable, box, anything is fixed.

5. How to adjust the weight (intensity) if the gym is too busy and you cannot find the right DBs?

Gym 塲多人時,未必會有適合自己的DB ,咁我應該寧可試下做重d?

好過做輕d? 兩者的取捨,係咪以reps 去調整番?


For example, you want to do Seated DB Overhead Press

Normally, you lifted 10kg each x 10-12 reps, but you cannot find 10kg DBs, what can you do?

You can lift 8kg x 12 reps then rest 10s, lift 8kg again until failure in order to stimulate your target muscles with longer time under tension.

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