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Kevin's Testimonial Through Online Coaching

Kevin 跟大部份香港人一樣,都是上班一族,又要經常出埠工作。在香港工作的時間越來越少。對他來說,#網上訓練 是唯一途徑可以幫助他達到他的身型目標。


Kevin並不是要變成健美運動員的身型,亦不是去參加任何比賽。他的目標很簡單,便是擁有體育雜誌封面模特兒的身型。當然,今天的照片並不是 "最終極" 的理想身型。但我跟他說,他經過六個月長時間的節食,是時候改變訓練和飲食計劃。但「調整」並不等於放鬆,而是為下一個目標作最好的準備。

以下是Kevin 的分享:

A good trainer is one who delivers results for his or her clients.

In my opinion, Kenneth is definitely one of the best trainers out there. While working with you to attain your physique goals, he'll expand your knowledge across the main domains of training, nutrition and supplemention so that you'll know the science behind everything you do.

He's a coach that has experienced it all, having competed in body building competitions and helped numerous trainees attain their fitness goals. I am particular impressed with his personalised attention with his trainees, as there is no one-size-fits all program as everyone's body composition and lifestyle are different.

He helps you find the solutions that works for you ONLY. He is also highly available to address any questions over instsant messaging, helping me to track my progress and providing me with instant feedback.

Most importantly, Kenneth wants you to succeed, and he will do whatever it takes to get you there.

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