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#AskKenneth 217: How can feel my chest more when I am pressing?

#AskKenneth 217: Hi Kenneth, 想請教一個訓練的問題。練chest的時候,用的重量比較輕,做完好似冇做,用較重的重量,又用了很多手力,好似做唔「應」。Any tips for this situation?

Here are my answers:

Training phase

My question is What's your training phase?

Accumulation or Intensification?


You have to lift "heavy".

Heavy means high intensity with full range of motion.

Low reps, but High Sets

For example,

- 5 x 5

- 8 x 3

- Waves

- Hepburn Progressive Training System

Exercises: Inclined Bench Press, Flat Bench Press, Inclined DB Press, Flat DB Press, Floor Press, Dips...


You need to create tension on your muscles and physiological stress - concentric, eccentric, mechanical tension and metabolic stress.

If you find it difficult to "feel" your chest when you're doing pressing, I think you should focus on Time Under Tension (TUT) when you're training.

One of the best method is Pre-fatigue supersets.

For example,

Flat DB flye supersets with Flat DB Press

DB Flye, tempo 3110

Flat DB Press, tempo 3010

Perform isolation exercises first before the compound exercise.

Yes, you may not lift heavy weight in your training session.

Be patient!

You need to train your "lagging muscles", wake them up, before doing the compound exercise.

"When doing isolation work, do not think about lifting weights; think about flexing a muscle against resistance." - Christian Thibaudeau mentioned in a book "Maximum Muscle Bible"

Sometimes, the trainees do not perform pressing with full ROM. They do not squeeze their back at the bottom of the range. They used to partial range instead of full range.

Moreover, I suggest to do contract my chest at the top then do eccentric, I must feel my chest in every rep. Every rep counts.

Another thing is that if you said you feel your "arms" when you are pressing, if you feel triceps more than your chest, probably your triceps are pretty weak. Your testosterone level is low. I suggest you do Progressive Overloading to stimulate your muscles to grow.

Furthermore, I would like to do Cable Chest Flye with slow tempo first before doing bench press or DB press. Suggested tempo 3111.

3s - open your arms

1s - stretch your pecs muscle

1s - brings your elbows in

1s - ISO hold to contract your pecs then repeat

Rep after rep!

No rush!

Posing Technique

Yes. I always recommend my trainees to do posing between sets and after training.

Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned this method in his interview, he always encourage trainees to learn posing technique. It helps "mind-muscle connection". That is very important to body building.

I always tell my trainees that you should feel/ contract your chest before picking up the weights.

Or you should feel your biceps when you're looking at the mirror before picking up the dumbbells to do your curls.

Lifting weight is not from point A to point B.

Not just finishing the sets and the reps.

Lift with your intension.

Can you hit the right muscles?

That's the key.

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