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#AskKenneth 218: I want to gain strength, not gain muscle?

Hello Mr Kenneth I am Ray from Memphis Tennessee!! I am so inspired by your IG post and I really want to subscribe your online coaching program... I have a few question hope you can help!!

I am currently doing a DVD body beast, he teach 15reps 12reps 8reps 8reps light weight, every time when I hit 8 reps my muscle start fatigue my form will wrong how can I maintain my form and gain strength to push forward??

Like for instance I am doing chest press I used 30lbs for 15 reps, 40lbs 12reps 50lbs I can only do 4 reps and my arms will start swing forward ...what should I do??

If I follow your method which is count 321 is even WAY harder....

My goal is not gain muscle but more like gain strength hope you can help!! Thanks!!

Here is my question to Ray: How can I gain strength without gaining muscles?

As I know muscles move weight. If you don't have serious muscle, how can you move heavy shit if your goal is to get stronger?

Building muscle is a by-product of lifting weight.

My second question to Ray is "What is your ultimate goal?" and Why?

Seriously, I don't know what is body beast, and never try to follow any DVD to train myself.

When Ray mentioned that he is doing

15 reps x 30lb (13kg)

12 reps x 40lb (18kg)

4 reps x 50lb (22kg) - then failed

I am thinking what's his current training phase?

If his goal is to gain STRENGTH, his training phase should be Intensification.

However, he is doing hypertrophy as I know.

I didn't say hypertrophy cannot make you stronger, but if you want to improve your strength, you need to lift heavy weight and put more weight on the barbell.

For example,

5 x 5

8 x 3

waves 7-5-3, 3-2-1

Hepburn Progressive System

Pyramid Loading System

High sets and Low reps

Moreover, Ray mentioned that he found it difficult to follow TEMPO.

Yes, if you follow the tempo 4010, you will lift light weight, but you will create more TENSION on your muscles and stimulate them to grow.

Oh sorry, I forgot that you don't want to gain muscle.

Let me repeat myself again, muscles move weight.

Everyone needs muscles.

According to Strength training,

we have three types of training system

1) Relative strength

2) Maximal strength

3) Functional strength

Which one are you looking for?

Honestly, if guys cannot lift 22kg x 12 reps in a row, you may not experience a serious strength training program. What do I suggest is to go back to the BASICS. Learn how to get Strong!

"You either lift weights to get strong, or you get strong to lift weights."

- Todd Lyons, a former elite US lifter

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