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#AskKenneth 219: What are the benefits and disadvantages of online coaching?

What are the benefits of online coaching?

- You can train any time.

- You can train at any gym.

- You don't need to fit into my schedule.

- You learn how to set up the weight to lift.

- There is NO baby sitter next to you.

- When you are training with a PT, if you are late, you're late. There is no extra mins for you. Now, you're FREE. You are your boss of time management.

- When you booked a PT, if you late cancel, you are charged. Now, you're FREE. You control your time.

- I give you feedback within 24 hours - emails and messages.

By the way, if you have more than 2 questions, please send me an email instead.

When I reply my answer to you, I don't want to repeat more than 2 times of my answer.

Sometimes I am flexible. Sometimes I'm not. I have my own reasons.

What are the disadvantages of online coaching?

- No one put the weight on the barbell or set up for you. (Actually trainer should not do it for clients.)

Set-up is a part of training.

- No one time your rest period. Please wear stop watch for you.

- No one tells you how much do you lift. You must learn how much weight you should lift. (I will write something on the next blog.)

- No one stop your movement if you are doing wrong immediately. That's why I need to watch your training videos. And that's why online coaching is much cheaper.

If you train with me in HK, you must know how much I charge.

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