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#AskKenneth 227 : Training Zone

#AskKenneth 227 : Training Zone

When I was a rower, I remember that a sports psychologist taught me that if I am focusing on my race, I am in my "Zone."

I practiced this method many many times, even today when I am training and competing.

When I am in my zone, no one can disturb me, because I'm 100% focus. I don't talk to people. I don't look at my phone. As you know that some messages will distract us.

When we are training, sometimes, we lost focus. Then we cannot perform well in training. We don't feel it.

If we lost the focus during the race, we will lose the game. Therefore, we need to find a "button" to switch on and let us go into our racing zone.

If you're doing Online Coaching and training by yourself, I am not with you, nobody shouts at you and hit your butt or tap your shoulders to wake you up. You have to wake up yourself by your favorite music (I listen to #Foofighters when I am squatting or doing heavy lifting.)

What if you feel some negatives suddenly come to your mind?

Shut it off immediately. Don't even think about it. Remember that you're in your zone.

This is your training TIME.

No one can bother you at this moment.

During a hypertrophy training session, you may have to do 25-30 sets x 10 reps. There are 250 reps - 300 reps.

How many reps can you feel your muscles with mind-muscle connection?

Or you just "F" around?

You may complain that the gym is too busy, you cannot stay focus. I tell you what - calm down.

The gym is yours.

Do your lift.

"NO one is next to you and NO one is standing in front of you."

Remember: This is your ZONE.

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