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#AskKenneth 245: Sumo Deadlift

#AskKenneth: Sumo Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift is one of the deadlift exercises. It is for posterior chain.

Most people (sedentary people) have a weak posterior chain, because they spend too much time at the office.

Sumo Deadlift is a compound movement, just think about how do you pick up something from the floor, that's Deadlift.

Tell you one thing, some of my trainees are NOT allowed to do back squat, but I would recommend them to do deadlift instead - conventional & sumo.

It's a functional and basic movement. No fancy.

How to set up Sumo Deadlift ?

- Wide feet stance

- Knees out, toes out (external rotation)

- Scapulae retraction

- Tight lats

- abs tight

- Slightly arch your back

- Chest up

- Look forward

- Leg drive

❌Not head down

❌No rounded back

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