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#AskKenneth 239: My gym performance is not good today, why?

#AskKenneth 239: My gym performance is not good today, why? I've got this message from one of my trainees yesterday. As a coach, I will check few things with my trainees.

👉Nutrition - Did he eat enough calories? - Did he hit protein goal? (Last few days) - When did he do "Refeed"? - Did he drink enough water these days? 👉Recovery - When was his last test day? - What time did he sleep last night? - How many hours did he sleep? Man, I realize that most trainees (Hong Kong) go to bed at after 1am. 🛏It's bullshit. Here is my personal experience, if I sleep at 11pm and 12pm, it a huge difference for me. You may think that just an hour doesn't matter. I tell you what everything is a matter to your performance. If you cannot perform well at the gym, you cannot make progression. If you cannot make progression at the gym, you will not produce results. Sleeping late is a habit. 😴If you don't change your habit, you are NOT going to achieve any result. - Did he travel recently? Normally, I don't lift heavy after travelling, especially long haul. It kills me. I may do "pump" 💪work after flight. 👉Training - What's his program? If he is doing hypertrophy sets, I don't really mind he lifted 2-4kg lighter. It's fine for me. The key is to make your muscles fatigue during the sets.

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