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#AskKenneth 252: How can I get stronger - Part 2 - Deadlift

Last time, I talked about SQUAT. I am going to talk about DEADLIFT today.

I like both exercises a lot personally, because they make you stronger from the training.

Leg press and leg extension don't tell you are strong or you are weak. NO.

Only squat with barbell and deadlift with the barbell can tell you how strong you are.

Being lean is good. But being lean and strong are even better.

The average people thought that the barbell exercises may hurt their knees and their back...

the main reason is they got so many weak-links are waiting for them to fix.

Weak-links can be

- weak glutes,

- tight hamstrings,

- the ankles do not have enough range of motion,

- tight lower back

- tight shoulders


Once they fix them, they can start doing serious training.

Moreover, barbell training can be progressed into more complex exercises

- High Pull

- Power Clean

- Snatch-grip deadlift

- Overhead Squat

- Snatch

- Clean & Jerk


Let me share some tips how to set-up DEADLIFT

Deadlift - starting position

1. Keep your shoulders in front of the barbell 2. Straight back/ arch your back! 3. Lats tight 4. Abs engage 5. Always pause 1-2s on the floor before next lift 6. Don't rush to lift if you are not sure 7. Deep breath and hold it and drive to the floor 8. Legs drive 9. Keep the barbell close to your legs (no room)

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