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Top 10 Training Tips For Better Results

1. Posture

Maintain an ideal posture when you're lifting weight.

2. Mind- Muscle Connection

Always think of the target muscle group before performing one exercise.

If you cannot flex your biceps without weight, do not pick the dumbbell to do your set.

For example,

If you cannot control 12kg dumbbell to do DB Press with muscle contraction, do not pick up 20kg.

3. ROM

Split squat knee need goes beyond the toes

When doing push up or dips, biceps should touch the forearm at the bottom of the range.

That's full range of motion

4. Progression

Don't underestimate slow progression.

Slow better than zero progression.

5. Carbs

If you had more carbs on that day, reduce fat intake on that day.

Carbs are tool.

High Carbs - Low Fat

Low Fat - High Carbs

6. Keep the faith Don't have any magic Only self-discipline can makes RESULTS!

7. Angles

Inclined deg 30 & deg 45 are totally different things.

Choose the right angle for your training.

For example,

Single Arm Row Inclined DB Press/Flye Chest supported DB Reverse Flye Chest supported DB Row ...etc

8. RESPECT the Tempo!

“Own every single rep” For example When you are doing 10 reps It’s like doing 10 single reps Every rep is prefect!

9. Goal Setting

Without a goal, you are NOT going to see any RESULT! Period.

10. Metabolic

GBC exercise is a metabolic training which I want to suffer in order to get lean and stronger.

Metabolic = high reps with short rest period. Very high density training. Density means you have to a lot of work within limited time! Metabolic produces high GH High GH - burn more fat & build more muscles

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