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3 Secrets For Performing Chin-ups

3 Secrets For Performing Chin-ups

Today, one of my female trainees, Sharis, sent me chin-ups videos.

She did 6 sets x 3 reps chin-ups with 5kg weight.

She is not an athlete, and she doesn't have any sports background. But she is willing to have better performance at the gym. Before training with me through online coaching, she couldn't do even one rep with bodyweight.

What are the secrets of performing chin-ups?

1. Attitude

You really want to do it.

If you don't want to do it, you never can make it. period.

Sharis always challenges her limit. She did photo-shooting with my team in August. She spent months to prepare for that moment. I can say that she is a machine. She asks me everything if she follows my instructions. I quite her attitude. I can tell you that her husband and sharis are the perfect match couple. No one complaints the food is boring, and training is too hard. I always say that if the training is easy, you're not training. You are wasting your time.

2. Low body fat

If you want to perform chin-ups with bodyweight or with extra weight, first of all, you need to lose excess body fat first.

Sharis has low body fat after photo-shooting, she actually is doing Reverse Dieting right now. As I mentioned before, Cutting Phase is a process of rebuilding your body. After cutting phase, we start to build a house on the solid foundation. If your body is inclined to insulin sensitive, you can eat more calories and foods; then you will have more energy to perform better at the gym. Simple theory.

3. Program

In the beginning, I would like to start from eccentric chin-ups. If the trainee can manage to perform well in training, she will do single rep chin-up. After that, she will do as many reps as possible in 20 mins. I applied this method to all of my trainees (they're beginners), it works so well. The key is Lots of Patience.

Here is a mistake, there are too many trainees are looking for the unique and extraordinary program. Really? Honestly, I never give special program or exercises to my trainees. They knew it. Every trainee should repeat the same thing for a period, and correct their forms and techniques with a better mind-muscle connection. That's it.

My trainees are not going to compete like me. ( expect one female). They are just general population. No extreme diet program and NO crazy program). I hope they can enjoy their training and the progression, and keep training for life.

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