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Vancity Showdown 2017

#AskKenneth 282: Adversity makes you stronger

Here is my little story - I am not a talented athlete. But I know that I need to harder than everyone, and to make my weakness to be my strength. I don't have any particular talent, but I keep learning new stuff and find something is challenging to me to practice, and go deeper to understand its core.

(Overall Master Men's Bodybuilding)

I believe that being a 40 years-old family, I don't want to claim I am a bodybuilder, because I am not. I don't claim myself is a weightlifter, because I am lifting Chinese girl's warm-up weight. I just enjoy training. Therefore, I do Bodybuilding training, Olympic lifting training, BJJ, Gymnastics and Parkour.

I like to compete. I am born for it. Competition gives me the vision to train every day. I know the exact reason of each training session.

(Side Chest Pose)

On Thursday (two days before the competition), I was sick. I am serious. I was really sick. As you know that I never take a single Sick Leave in my personal training career. Zero sick leave. But I was down entirely. My legs were shaking, and I felt chilly. I slept 15 hours to recover. I was dying during the weigh-in yesterday before the show.

(Side Triceps Pose)

I told myself that it was a test. If I couldn't through it, you're done right now. I waste all of my effort in the past. I calmed down myself. I controlled my breathing. I pray for Jesus, and asked my brother and sisters to help me to pray for my recovery and stage performance.

I can say that today's my performance was a miracle. I cannot do anything without Him.

Mission accomplished:

1st - masters 40+ Men's Bodybuilding

Overall Master Men's Bodybuilding

2nd - Middlewight Men's Bodybuilding

What's my next challenge?

I signed BC Weightlifting competition in Nov 2017. It's my 3rd time to compete this year.

I believe that myself is the only competitor.

All glory to Jesus.

(Front Double Biceps Pose)

(Side Triceps Pose)

(Rear Lats Spread)

(60 seconds FreeStyle)

(Front Lats Spread)

(Most Muscular Pose)

Thank You!

Photos credited to David Ford Photography

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