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#AskKenneth 286: Three Ways to Overcome “Fear”?

#AskKenneth 286: Three Ways to Overcome “Fear”?

My strategy is to :

- Face it

- Tackle it

- Enjoy it

100kg is not my PB, but 6 reps x 100kg is my PB.

I am pleased with my performance.

My goal is not to win a medal; I just want to lift 100kg during the competition.

I watched Mattie Rogers’s video. She did 6 reps x 100kg. It’s motivation to me.

One of my trainees asked me that how can he overcome the fear of doing squat?

My answer is to do “preparation.”

Here are THREE ways of the preparation:

- Visualization (mental prep.)

- Sleep (physical prep.)

- Protein (food prep.)

Visualization (mental prep.)

Visualization is a very good tool to prepare for your training. You go through the specific exercise or movement in your mind before the session.

In my rowing career, it helped me a lot to prepare my training session and time trails. I visualized the entire process from warm-ups to the Start to the Finish. I learned how to control my mind and my body and my breathing.

Sleep (physical prep.)

Most Hong Kong people sleep very late, 12am or 1am. It affects the body composition and strength a lot. Never under-estimate the importance of sleeping. If you don't sleep well, you cannot perform well in the session. If you don't perform well in the session, you are going to fail. Period.

Protein (food prep.)

Every time I feel weak, I will check my food diary to make sure I hit my protein goal.

I always remind myself that "Muscles Move Weight."

Protein is the first priority of my training.

No protein - No muscle.

We need to prepare for our every single training session.

# One classic example is

Some trainees didn’t have breakfast, they ate their lunch at 12pm, then train at 7pm. They didn’t eat anything between lunch and training. I can tell you that they were going to FAIL. It’s not fasting. It’s a poor preparation.

# Another example is

Some trainees slept at 2pm and trained at 7 am. They complained that they didn't have the energy to train and couldn't perform well in the training sessions.

If you don’t prepare for each training session, you’re going to Fail! And don’t expect anything from training.

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