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Ricky's Transformation Story

Congrats to #TeamKenneth member Ricky

He just finished 6-months impossible mission.

I told him that this is his 1st stage of the transformation training, the next phase of training will start next week.

恭喜 #TeamKenneth 成員Ricky




Ricky is a secondary school teacher, and he is two daughters' daddy. His bodyweight dropped from 190lb to 155lb.

Total 35lb in 6 months.

Ricky 是一位中學老師,亦是兩位女兒的爸爸。




He told me a joke - The parents were interested in his fat loss program rather than the students' academic performance during the parent meeting. Ricky also published a textbook during this period. I appreciate his effort and heart in his training, work and family.


Ricky 甚至在這段日子出版了一本教科書。


Here is his sharing 以下是他的分享:

Period : 22/4/2017 to 29/10/2017

Almost 27 weeks (6 months) training, it comes to the end.

However, that is only my STAGE 1 transformation, I will step into STAGE 2 training life very soon!

13 Keys of my Transformation:

1. ‘Perseverance’

It's not a 3-months program. It requires consistency - training, dieting & recovery.

2. ‘Strict diet’

Food diary is the key. I need to report everything I put into my mouth to my coach.

3. ‘Weak link

identify your own, then simply kill it!’

Weak link can be physical, can be mental.

We fight, we conquer our weakness.

4. ‘Teammates’ support.

TeamKenneth's support is very important.

5. Protein

The 1st priority is to hit protein goal’

(Remember: you will become what you ate)

6. ‘Happiness’

(Interesting? Yes, it drives many things to happen)

"Once you see results, It becomes an addiction."

7. ‘Training videos’

Taking training videos are very important for the Online Coaching. Coach always provides a lot of training tips.

Program doesn't work if I didn't know how to implement it.

8. Cardio exercise

Cardio is not the first priority. Diet always comes first.

I actually did a lot of cardio the last 6 weeks.

It killed me!

9. Recovery

Sleep is a secret weapon of Body Building. I usually sleep before 10:30pm.

Function of Sleep:

1. Detoxification

2. Regeneration

10. Family support

My wife, she is the one who knows me well! Stay with me when I am up and down.

Two daughters, are part of my driving forces

11. Day 1 photos

That is the motivation! I was so FAT!

12. Stress Management

‘Release pressure from time to time, control pace of life!"

(Do not let pressure kill yourself, but live and train with certain pressure.)

13. Last, most importantly, my coach-KennethLo

Without his support and guidance, it would not be successful in my transformation.

Some of his #Teamkenneth quotes inspired me a lot:

"Pictures do not lie, they tell you everything."

"We go extreme, if you are not doing 100%, you’d better go home."

"We Don't try to do it, we Do it!"

"If you wake up without the goal, go back to sleep!"

Coach, thank you very much!

Stage 2, I will be ready soon!

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