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Kilopen 2017

Date: 12th Nov 2017 (Sun)


1st: 95kg - missed. Stupid. Wasted. No need to watch it.

2nd: 95kg - Power Snatch! Unbelievable! See video.

3rd: 100kg - done! This is my goal!

I practiced this weight for many times.

I am sure I will start my 1st lift from 100kg next time.

(By the way, if you want to get white card x 3 from the judges, that is NOT easy at all. The athletes have to make sure you secured the lifts 100%. If you missed, you missed.)


My snatch definitely is getting better. 100kg is manageable.

Can I lift 110kg?

Clean & Jerk

1st: 110kg - Easy.

2nd: 116kg - I lifted it up, but my feet were not in a line. F*cking stupid.

3rd: 121kg - Lifted. But left arm didn’t lock out! WTF!

Total is 210kg


Clean - need to correct the timing of the lift.

Jerk - need to focus on “Lock Out” position.

Do not “Lift and Pray”

It’s time to train even harder!

Fix the shit!

Season is finished. No more competition in 2017.

By the way, 77kg class is pretty strong!

Oh yeah! I can practice BJJ from next week again.

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