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Transformation of the Month - Dec 2017

Transformation of the Month -

She is one of my Online trainees. She has started training from May 2017.

It's about 6️⃣months progression.

She finished "12-weeks Initial Training Program", then she decided to continue her training afterward.

I can tell you that she doesn't have any fancy gym. The equipment are very very basic. She doesn't lift heavy weight at all, but she has been writing her food diary from Day 1 of training, and meet both calories intake and macros requirements.

By the way, you wrote training log (technique notes) and took training videos for me in order to improve her gym performance every training session.

👉The tip of the transformation is to be Obsessive to your Progression.

Progression = Result

I always tell me trainees that I don't have magic to change you. All about discipline, hard work & sacrifice.

"No one can do the shit for you."

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