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25 Things For Better Bodies from #TeamKenneth

My Online trainees would like to share 25 things they've learnt in 2017.


1. Goal Setting.

Every trainee has his/her own goal, everyone is different.

Trainee A is going to lose fat; trainee B is going to improve strength; trainee C is going to run 100km under 20 hours.

2. Age is just a number.

3. Consistency is key.

4. Pu your spirit & dedication into training.

5. Step out of the comfort zone in training and in life.

6. Mental preparation before each training session. Read the program in advance and do visualization.

7. If you are not preparing for the bodybuilding or physique competition, no rush to achieve your goal. Sometimes slow-cook is the way. Healthy always comes first. #Drugfree

8. Discipline drive everything.

9. Learn when and how to take rest. Sometimes active recovery is necessary. Rest to grow.


10. The importance of nutrition, recovery (including sleeping) and drinking water.

11. Sleeping is the biggest secret of fat loss and building muscles.

12. Learning how to count calories and measuring foods.

13. Sometimes you let yourself eat more calories but you may not get stronger, because you did't follow the diet plan to eat, Typically, trainees ate too much carbs (mostly are processed food) and not enough protein.

14. Concepts of Insulin and Cortisol.

"Calorie is not a Calorie."

Building muscles and fat loss are determined by hormones. Basically, trainees need to keep their bodies at the optimal state to build muscles and lose fat.


15. The first rep of proper technique is equal to last rep.

16. Importance of technique of doing different exercises. Form is over Intensity (how heavy do you lift).

17. Lat pull exercises - scapulae depression and retraction. If not doing properly, you won't reach the result no matter how many reps you did. Also applied to all rowing exercises.

18. Squat - must be straight back at the bottom. Everyone has different range of motion (ROM).

19. RDL, Deadlift, Back Extension, Leg Curl (Seated/ Lying/ Kneeling), Good Morning, Hyper Extension, Calves Raises... are the Posterior Chain exercises.

RDL demonstration

20. Do not need to lift too heavy weight to train small muscles group or lagging muscles.

Facepull demonstration

21. The difference between lunges and Split Squat:

Lunges: up & down

- Split Squat: knee goes beyond the toes, and hamstrings covers the calves.

Rack Pull from pins demonstration

22. No need to spend time on the cardio machines to warm up before lifting.

23. Monitor the progression by training record, weekly progression pics, bodyweight (only if you're overweight.)

24. Respect every rep. Focus on min-muscle contraction with proper techniques.

25. The importance of Mobility

Pre-workout stretching - Part 1

Pre-workout stretching - Part 2

Pre-workout stretching - Part 3

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