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#AskKenneth: Pull-ups with Scapulae Retraction & Protraction

#AskKenneth: Scapulae Retraction & Protraction

As Strength Sensei mentioned that if Squat is the King of the Lower body exercise; then Pull-up is the King of the upper body.

Today I am going to demonstrate the difference between scapulae Retraction & Protraction. Ideally, a trainee must perform Chin-ups/ Pull-ups with Retraction instead of Protraction.

But it is not easy at all.

Some people always complaint that they train very hard and did a lot of back exercises, but they cannot quite develop their Back muscles. Of course, they are thousands of gators affect that problem. However, today I would like to focus on ONE thing - Scapulae Retraction.

What if I pull up myself at the top with protraction, what should I do? How can I adjust my form?

👉Here is the solution:

• Keep both legs behind your body

• Arch your back more before eccentric phase

• Open your shoulders again (retraction)

• Feel your lats during eccentric

• That why we need to do slow eccentric (lower down yourself)

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