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Relentless Story by Andy Ngan

What would you do after you successfully transformed from a 85kg fatty to a 70kg guy with lean muscle (and with abs)?

Going on to the hypertrophy stage with further determination?

Obsessed with the weight loss process and continue with it?

Or reverting to a fatty with a even bigger belly?

Unfortunately, I experienced the last one. Enjoying the happiness by looking at the abs while resorting to disorderly eating was exactly my way of living after my first transformation. As times goes on, happiness gone and, also, the abs too.

And today, I could proudly tell you that I get back onto the right track. Yes, I would only say , "JUST" getting back onto the right track as there is still a long way, or To be more correct, there is a never ending process awaiting me. You should have some rest from time to time and indeed, everyone should have it. "Relentless", I learned this word from my Coach-Kenneth Lo. Transformation is a life long process physically and mentally, not just for 12 weeks. If you get "satisfied" with what you attain in the first 12 weeks, you will be in danger. I am a good example you can see. So, don't even take a try.

Some may ask what's the difference between the present journey (yes, it is present as it is still on-going) and the last transformation.

Do. The. Work. Every day, you have to do something you don't want to do. Every day. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable. - Tim S. Grover

To make it simple. I advanced from level I to level II in many aspects. To name a few, I learned how to respect and execute a training programme. Instead of just copying the movement taught by your Coach near you, I learned to be more proactive and take up more responsibility to "train" by being an Online-trainee. You have to learn how to perform the correct movement in described tempo with allowed resting time. No one will be aside to shout at you, to remind you and you have to take the whole responsibility! Respect every single rep and set. Let your coach know and see your movement by taking training video and then improve bit by bit, step by step and day by day. Of course, this relies on your own initiative. No one will please you or remind you have to do it.

In terms of diet, apart from following a healthy eating habit in which I could also execute during my first transformation. I learned the way to go into the detail of maintaining a sustainable diet. I learned how to calculate and control the macro. Yes, you should be very clear on it, no compromise. Of course, no one will bear the responsibility for you. If you don't even "scan" the food you eat, you won't get any result even you train 7 days a week!

Fuck "try". Trying is an open invitation to failure, just another way of saying, "If I fail, it's not my fault, I tried." - Tim S. Grover

The last thing I would like to share with you all which is also the most important new insight I learned from my Coach-Kenneth Lo is "Relentless". This is about never being satisfied and achieving the impossible. Always want more and always willing to do whatever it took to get it. Not only applying to training, by also adopting this attitude, you can make a huge difference on your family, career or whatsoever!

I got changed! How about you?

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