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#AskKenneth | Pruvit | Ketones

#AskKenneth | Pruvit | Ketones

If you're fans of T nation, you must know who Paul Carter is.

I've been following his articles for 5-6 years. I'm glad I had a conversation with him this week. He shared his own experience about Prüvit. It's a fantastic product.

Here are two articles about Ketones supplements by Paul

Here is the summary of benefits of Pruvit?

➡️Accelerate fat loss process.

➡️Stay lean after the bodybuilding competition.

➡️Muscle retention. It is the primary issue when we are dieting. Some people lost a lot of muscles when you have low calories, but Pruvit can stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) while you’re cutting fat at the same time.

➡️If you are dieting (having low calories with low carbs intake), sometimes you must feel "shit" during the day. But Pruvit can help you to stay focus and reduce sugar craving. ..

➡️Energy Production. Pruvit can enhance ATP to improve sport/ gym performance. ..

➡️Improve digestion.

Everyone says "You are what you eat." It may not 100% correct.

Actually, the key is “Can you digest the food properly?”

➡️Intermittent Fasting (IF). It’s an excellent tool when you’re doing IF. It reduces your hunger when you’re fasting.

➡️Aging. It is good news for everyone is over 30.

It also can slow down the aging problem.


➡️Sleep. It can improve your sleeping quality because it increases the level of serotonin in the evening so that you can sleep better.

➡️Conventional Ketogenic Diet. What I like is that I don’t need to regular Ketogenic Diet when you’re taking Pruvit. Yes. You don’t. Traditional Keto Diet is hard to implement in daily life, and it is not sustainable.

If you are interested, please PM me to have 10-days experience. Vancouver, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan...

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