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#AskKenneth | Training Tips by Polo Kwan

5 Training Tips by Polo Kwan:

1️⃣ Technique always goes first, weight second.

I always keep the good form to perform all reps, but the weight must be challenging,

2️⃣ Repetitions in Reserve

When I am doing Squat or Deadlift, I always reverse 1-2 reps in the tank.

I prefer to keep good form, straight back, full range of motion and good tempo to finish all reps.

3️⃣ Posing Practice.

It definitely helps mind-muscle connection.

When I am looking at the dumbbell, my biceps are pumped already!

4️⃣ Muscle Feeling vs Weight

Muscle feeling and weight intensity are also important.

Don't lift crazy heavy weight. Keep the tension on my target muscles, and keep the good form.

When I am performing deadlift, I don't go 100%, I do 8 RPE to keep the good form with muscle feeling (contraction).

However, the intensity should be challenging to stimulate the muscle to grow.

5️⃣ Power Clean Techniques Power = Force x Speed Explosive power is a part of my current program.

To make myself more athletic!

5 個訓練提示:

1️⃣ 唔好夾硬做,做唔到寧願減磅都要完成所有次數;

2️⃣ 永遠留一至兩下在手,以免受傷;

3️⃣ 擺 ”Posing” 的重要性;

4️⃣ 感覺和重量同樣重要。重量不能太重,絕對不能因為太重關係而影響技術之發揮;重量亦不能太輕而降低對肌肉的刺激;

5️⃣ Power clean的舉重方法。 Power = Force x Speed 爆炸力訓練亦是訓練的一部份。

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"If you aren't sweating and breathing heavy enough to make talking difficult if not impossible, it's time to push a little harder."

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