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#AskKenneth | Female Weight Training - Part 1

#AskKenneth | Female Weight Training - Part 1

Recently, I've heard that my demonstration scares most women, because I have too much muscles. They don't want to be like me. They hate having muscles.

Ok ok. I got it. They want to say ”Weight Training will make them BULKY right?”

I've been training female trainees for 14 years, I never see one female got BULKY.

The main reason they got bulky (too much body fat) is that they don't follow nutrition plan. They eat whatever they want.

Actually, fast food, too much carbs intake, dim sum...make them FAT. BUT not Weight Training.

I also heard that my training techniques are not for female trainees.


I didn't know the techniques are different to male & female. That's very interesting to me.

Here are some clips of female training.

Hopefully my trainees can inspire some women who never touch the weight but would like to have ”toned” bodies.

Here are clips of female weight training:

Exercise 1: Weighted Chin-ups

Exercise 2: Chin-ups with bodyweight

Exercise 3: Barbell Hip Thrust

Exercise 4: Single Arm Overhead Press

Exercise 5: DB Bulgarian Squat

Exercise 6: Facepull

Exercise 7: DB Lunges

Exercise 8: Kneeling Single Arm DB Overhead Press

Exercise 9: 2-arms DB Chest Supported Row

Exercise 10: Back Extension 45 deg

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