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#AskKenneth | What's the best way to take Exogenous Ketones?

What's the best way to take Ketones?

I highly recommend you to take ketones with Intermittent Fasting (IF).

How to do IF?

For example, you fix your eating window between 11am to 7pm (8 hours). You're NOT going to eat after 7pm. Of course depends on your working schedule.

Some of you work overnight shift, then you adjust the eating window by yourself. But total 8 hours.

The reason is that you allow your body and central nervous system to take a rest. You will use your body fat to be Fuel when you're FASTING.

FASTING really works for myself and my trainees when we are cutting.

My longest fasting is 60 hours with ketones.

But normally I do suggest my trainees to do 36 hours fasting once a week to reset their system. It's necessary to see result.

In the past, I hate fasting. I didn't believe it works.

But now, I like to use fasting with ketones.

I don't suggest you do fasting without ketones and BCAAs.


When you're fasting, you need Ketones and amino acid.

We have 3 major macronutrients - Protein, Fat & Carbs.

Now the 4th macro is Ketones. It uses your body fat to be fuel.

If you already have a lot of body fat (energy), actually you don't need so much calories and carbs. Just don't need, because your body has a lot of energy to burn! Make sense?

What if I will feel shit if I cut my carbs?

First, have you tried low-carbs diet?

Sometimes people never done it. Maybe 2 days max.

This is the reason I introduce ketones. It reduces your food craving and hunger, and provides you ATP (energy).

You have energy when you're FASTING. You don't feel shit.

If you feel shit, probably you're too tried. You need SLEEP!

SLEEP is the best supplement for HEALTH!


Intermittent Fasting (IF)

IF ONLY FOR people who are having 1000-1500kcal.

It is not for Gain Phase or having 1800-2000kcal.

If you are having maintenance or calories surpluses. IF is not for you.

However, you can use Ketones for training.

If you are interesting in Ketones

Please click

If you are in Hong Kong, please send me an email.

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