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#TeamKenneth | Jonathan's 12-weeks Body Composition Transformation Story

Before I had found Kenneth as my coach, I was a gym-addict teenage with 4-years experience. One time, I had an incident in the gym-room, a 100kg barbell laid on my chest when doing barbell chest bench press. I stopped hitting the iron in gym around 2-month, then I became an extremely fat guy with 103 kg. At that time, I felt very depressed and heartbroken. After recovered, I would like to get back the training, but I did not have any direction to begin. Then, suddenly, I searched Kenneth’s Facebook page. Through the page, I noticed there were many successful cases for someone being strong, toned and fit. That was why I started to choose Kenneth to be my online coach.

In the past, I could do 100 kg barbell chest bench press, 140kg low-bar squat and 180 kg Deadlift. However, it did not make me to be strong and toned, just a very very fat guy. All of these showed that my own training program and nutrition plan were not suitable for me. But I really did not want to this, I wanted to have a change, a big change for my body. And now, Kenneth can help me achieve the goal certainly though there is still a large space for improvement.

I didn't give any abs exercise to Jonathan within 12 weeks. His abs are come from hard training sessions and proper nutrition.

Why online coaching?

Compared with the regular coaching by face to face and one-on-one, they just provide their suggestions on your nutrition and training, only focusing on your technique. But for online coaching, Kenneth not only monitor your data included your WT, measurements, body-fat ratio, skinfold results, eating-habit and so on, but also improve your technique and mind-muscle connection through your recorded training videos.

Someone said that Kenneth is strict and mean. Absolutely YES! But, because of his serious manner can push me to progress.

One time, after received my skin-fold measurements’ result, he directly said that I was much like a lady because of my lower testo- level, and strictly limited me to have any carb in diet even I had a trip to Thailand that week. Undoubtedly, I was very sad……… But, he is right. That is why I can transfer to a ‘’not-bad and likely stronger’’ guy with 85.9kg at this 12-week transformation phase.

‘’Success isn’t given, is earned’’

Kenneth can help, promote and improve you. But the importance is the follower which is me needs to do and scarify. In this 12-week, I report my WT on every morning, follow his training program as more as possible, record the training video to him, and visit his Facebook #TeamKenneth group to learn knowledge. Therefore, I can be better than before.

The average people think as long as they train hard at the gym every day, they will get the desired results. My answer is Not Really. Every successful trainee must do hard training, proper nutrition and recovery.

After the 12-week transformation phase, I still follow Kenneth to keep training because he exactly knows what I really desire. My next target is just like him, participating the bodybuilding competition to enrich my experience in my life.

Last but not least, Kenneth is my first coach, I think I don’t in here criticize whether he is suitable for you or not since I cannot make a comparison. But, one thing I can be sure of he is the best coach for me.

"Sleep does two things for you. It lets your muscles heal from the beating you've given them in the gym, allowing them to get bigger, leaner, harder, and more defined. But it also lets you recharge your batteries so that you don't slouch into the gym for your next workout."

- Rich Gaspari

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