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#AskKenneth | Winnie Overcame Her Struggles Through Training & Nutrition

As I age, I am getting big especially I love food very much. My work is quite stressful as well, so I ate snacks all the time.

Thinking back when I was at my early 20s, I was very active and played badminton for my college. However, I often injured myself. I torn left knee ACL, partial torn right knee cartilage, and partial torn right shoulder rotator cuff. If I had more muscle, my joints could have been saved.

When I reached my late 30s, I tried many ways to lose weight, but nothing worked. I tried weight loss treatment in spa, result was amazing but I was starving all the time. After one or two month post treatment, I got back to my own eating habit and gained more before the treatment. I tried joining gym class. After working out, I was hungry for food and ended up gaining even more.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Starting in 2018, I realized that I was so out of shape. I weighed 141 lb. When I jumped, I could feel my knee hurt. I was desperate to do something to improve my health. I started Weight Loss group with few sisters in Church Fellowship end of March 2018. I did not have too much expectation and I thought I might not lose any weight. During the journey, I learned about Ketogenic Diet, i.e. Low carbohydrates High Protein. At first, it was very hard to follow because I could not touch noodle, rice, bread, chips, desserts, even healthier choice like oatmeal, chia seed. On top of that, I can eat only 1300 calories a day. Some days I wanted to give up because I love those foods. However, I had lots of encouragement from my group so I decided to continue.

After several weeks, I started to see my weight dropped to 135 lb. How could that be? I did not feel too hungry after all. I felt it might be the solution. In addition, I learned some weight training exercises to strengthen my muscle, so it could protect my joints down the road.

After 12 weeks, I lose 18.2lb in total. I was so happy already. Church sister suggested me to join personalized Online Training with Kenneth, so I could get better result. I was glad that I joined online training.

Kenneth taught me a lot regarding diet, training exercise and KetoMax. He was very strict and I did not feel easy at all. I was able to lift 20 lb. dumbbell before online training, now I could lift 100 lbs barbell. I was so surprised that I got stronger than I could ever imagine.

The most amazing part of the journey was I gained friendship, confidence, and my life back. I had been taking anti-depressant due to stressful workload in the past. Now I could deal with it and still have a pleasant mood. Praise the Lord! I do not need anti-depressant anymore. This diet helps me fight depression.

I just finished initial 12 weeks fat loss training. I weigh 114 lb. I did my first chin up.!!!!

(Imagine holding 27 lb turkey, that's how much I lose, that's insane!)

Joining Online Training is one of the best decision in my life. I know how to eat healthy, maintain healthy weight and gain muscle to protect joints. I can even teach my daughter in the future. The best of all, I know my weight will not bounce back.

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