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#AskKenneth | 3 Things To Change Our mindset

#AskKenneth | 3 Things To Change Our Mindset

1. Training is just a part of your life.

Again, training is not everything. It is your weapon.

You are not full-time athletes. You don't have to train more than 6 hours a day x 365 days. You are training maximum 2 hours training a day at the gym only. But you spend 22 hours outside the gym to do the major things including earning your living. That being said that you must put 100% effort in the moment of training, Don't waste your time and effort.

I personally believe that "Family" always comes first. You cannot do anything without a family. Family support is very important. You have to love your spouse and your kid.

Love & Respect are literally the foundation of getting stronger.

Running 10km, half-marathon and full-marathon

2. Adaption

We all know that life is brutal. It is not fair. And training is tough. If you want to get the desired result, it is not easy at all.

Hong Kong Rugby Development Team in 2003

If you don't get used to train 5 times a week and prepare your food every day, then you should not expect you can get the excellent result from the gym. You should develop the new habit.

Changing is hard and uncomfortable. Adapt it.

"Make my mind adaptable to any circumstances." - Epictetus

The reason why the children find it difficult to learn Chinese, it is because they don't get used to. Similar to training, the reason why you find it difficult to keep the tempo and perfect form to train, it is because you don't get used to.

Ido Portal in 2012

"Being adaptive is all about how you learn. It's about being mindful of your environment and about how to mine your environment of its best information and resources. Moreover, being adaptive is about controlling your environment, rather than having it control you." - Benjamin Hardy

3. Challenge yourself

In 1995, I started rowing.

I stop rowing in 2002 then started playing rugby.

I did many running events between 2005 and 2011. In 2012,

I met Ido Portal and started learning gymnastics and bodyweight training.

In 2015, I started competing in the bodybuilding.

In 2017, I started competing in the weightlifting and started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My first BJJ in-house competition in 2017

Consistently challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Do better than yesterday.

Do better than last training session.

Do better than last competition.

Continue to challenge yourself.

Do not slow down.

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