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#AskKenneth | Q&A: Conventional vs Sumo Deadlift

Hi Coach,

I have watched your video on conventional vs sumo deadlift. What I do not understand is what is the difference in the muscles used, and what difference in purpose of the two different types of deadlift. I still feel the burn in the same muscles the next day. Thanks for explaining.

by Agnes


It is an excellent question.

My answer can be extended or very short.

If you want to have long answer, you can read the article is below.

Here is your program

Day 1 Push with Front Squat

Day 2 Press with Sumo DL

Day 3 Push with Back Squat

Day 4 Press with Con. DL

This is a full-body training program including compound movement like squat & deadlift and press & pull plus some isolation exercises.

Front Squat and Back Squat are different variations too.

Both exercises the compound exercises and you can train every single muscle group.

It is a very good approach if you train x 4 sessions a week.

Remember variation is the key of training.

Similar to Con. DL and Sumo DL, they are the same lifting methods. The trainee picks up the weight from the floor instead of put the weight on the shoulders. Actually, squat and DL are the same. They are the essential exercises of body development. And they are functional exercises.

The difference between Con and Sumo is the stance difference.

Sumo - feet wider, (short ROM) the trainee suppose can lift heavier weight.

Con DL, Feet width is closer.

Sumo is safer to the trainees. Because they can maintain body more upright than Con.

However, the Con can be developed into Olympiclifting like Clean, Clean and Jerk.

We also have many different variations of DL:

Con. DL

Sumo DL

Deficit DL

Snatch grip DL

Snatch grip Deficit DL

1 1/4 DL

Rack Pull is one of the variations of DL.

It starts from the pins with a higher position than DL from the floor.

Because it has the shorter ROM, the trainee can lift more weight than Con. and Sumo.

For your reference

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