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Fat Loss Q&A

Here are the questions from one of the female online trainees:

Hello Kenneth , after I tried your program a month , I like your workout combo a lot . But it stressed me out because the superset when I’m doing in pure , the second one always someone occupy , so sometimes the superset I can’t finish , or I tried to do another similar excise . I tired my best to finished the superset u give me also the time remain .

About the diet , I would say .. yea I’m not doing very well . But I tried my best to avoid the food tht I shouldn’t eat n eat enough food . But I have a question here . I am totally trust my trainer thts you , 80g of carbs I know is not much , but when u give me carbs to eat , it seems like I didn’t lose any fat so far or am I doing something wrong ? I don’t know ,I tried to cut the carbs before it lose body fat so fast . But I mean I won’t never eat carbs right ? Thts not the long term to maintain my body fat . And also I follow some gym girl in ig . I saw their diet , they eat carbs too n they eat much more carbs then me . But they r still very lean . I don’t get it ?

I think after a month of program , this month I didn’t get any result , cause too busy at work this month n miss the gym , also my diet not good ...

the coming month I will record better of the program . Also the supplement for me now r too expensive to get it . I guess next year will be better to get those supplement .

Here are my response to the questions:

1. The 1st priority of Fat Loss is Calories Deficit.

Calories Deficit is the vital of fat loss.

That's why writing food dairy is necessary.

The 2nd is the macros - protein, fat and carbs.

2. Carb doesn't make you fat.

You could lose fat quickly because of cutting carb, the reason is - you are cutting extra calories.

Now, I am giving you carb: 80g

including vegetables and rice or fruit.

If I give you carb: 40g a day, you cut 40g = 120kcal a day.

Honestly, it doesn't make a huge difference.

But you create 120kcal deficit a day.

We also can try something like that:

Training days: 1500kcal

Protein: 120g

Carbs: 80g (eat carb only after training)

Fat: 80g

Non-training days: 1300kcal

Protein: 100g

Carbs: 40g (green only)

Fat: 90g

If you train x 4 days a week, you will have 1500kcal x 4 days + 1300kcal x 3 days = 6000kcal + 3900kcal = 9,900kcal a week.

3. Inbody/ Skinfolds

As I said that body composition is not about losing weight. Remember that you're NOT an overweight girl.

Please don't focus on losing bodyweight.

You should focus on muscle mass and body fat %.

This is the advanced technique. don't follow the general population if you want to achieve an excellent result.

Let's compare the Day 1 record.

Or you can do skinfolds measurement too.

4. Insulin

I cannot help you to make the final decision of how many carbs can you eat.

Your body will tell me that.

That's why I need to see your back definition.

Your back definition is related to insulin sensitivity.

If you are insulin sensitive, you can have more carb.

If you are insulin resistance, you should control carb intake.

Some of my female trainees are having 2000kcal a day with the 150g carb.

Some of my male trainees are having 1600kcal a day with the 50g carb.

Can you tell me the reason?

5. Food prep.

I know your job nature. Totally understood.

Do food prep and cook at home when you are in HK.

Do your best when you are away.

Travelling is a killer.

Remember that when you are stressful and tired, you look for pleasure or comfort food to lower down the cortisol.

That's why I don't cut your carb. because you will eat carb or sweet anyway.

6. Menstrual cycle

This is a serious issue to women.

I've seen many cases they lost the monthly period because of having too low calories and cutting carbs, and losing hair.

This is the main reason I am not going to cut your carb now.

Cutting carb is not sustainable if you keep training.

and, cutting carb will affect your gym performance.

7. Sleep

Moreover, carb can help you to SLEEP!

If you have jet lag, carb is the tool.

Lower cortisol and increase serotonin, then you can sleep.

Two major functions of SLEEP:

1. Detoxification

2. Regeneration.

8. Training.

Be flexible.

I know the gym is busy.

If you cannot do supersets, you can do upper body then lower body.

Don't feel stress if you cannot follow the program.

Be flexible!!!!!!

and also, the execution is the key.

9. Ketones

If you really want to cut carb, then please add the 4th macro in your diet - ketones.

It can give you ATP (energy) and focus to train and to work.

And It helps your digestion.

Improve sleep and mood swing.

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