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Romanian Deadlift Ultimate Techniques 羅馬式硬拉之終極技術

Romanian Deadlift Ultimate Techniques 羅馬式硬拉之終極技術

Tip 1: For safety reason, bend your knees to pick up the barbell.

Tip 2: Keep the barbell/ dumbbell close to your body.

Tip 3: Shift your hip back.

Tip 4: Maintain neutral spine.

Tip 5: Stretch your hamstrings at the bottom.

Tip 6: Shift the weight on the heels.

Tip 7: Slow tempo and pause few seconds at the bottom.

Tip 8: Engage your Lats.

Tip 9: The body is nearly parallel to the floor.

Tip 10: Don't stand up if you cannot feel your hamstrings.

Tip 11: Starting position: Brace your abs and engage your Lats.

Tip 12: Remember that RDL is a hip hinge movement.

Tip 13: Focusing on the posterior chain - lower back, glutes & hamstrings

Tip 14: Don't round your back.

Tip 15: Slide the barbell/ dumbbell down (eccentric).

Tip 16: Slightly bend your knees.

Tip 17: If you can, lower down the weight below the knees.

Depends on your mobility.

Bonus point:

Stand Proud!!!!

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