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#AskKenenth | 5 Tips To Build Impressive Biceps

#AskKenenth | 5 Tips To Build Impressive Biceps 如何建立肱二頭肌的五個重要提示

1️⃣ Train biceps at the end of each session.

2️⃣ Train biceps x 16-20 sets a week.

It means you train 2 difference exercises x 3 sets in each session x 3 sessions. Then you finally will finished 18 sets a week.

3️⃣ Train biceps with low intensity with Time under Tension #TUT & Full Range of Motion #ROM

4️⃣ Train with different grips/ angles/ equipment supinated, pronated & neutral grips. standing, seated, inclined. DB, BB, cable, machines, rings, TRX.

5️⃣ SQUEEZE your biceps as hard as possible at the top range #contraction .

Bonus: Train with intention.

May The Strength Be With You! .

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