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Shit Happens

Shit Happens

I injured my lower back on Monday morning before going to the gym.

I knew it was pretty bad. I couldn't bend my back at all.

I planned to do weightlifting; apparently, I had to change my plan.

Did I take rest at home?

Yes. I took rest at home after my workout.

I barely walked to the gym and do a lot of mobility work and walked on the treadmill.

I did treatment on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I kept going to the gym to do what I can do with limited movement.

It was getting better and better.

I couldn't do even one squat with a barbell within this three days.

It is f*#ked up!

I started to do simple weight lifting movement with the empty barbell yesterday. Then I put 10kg on each side. I barely lifted the weight up.

It told me I will recover soon.

On Friday, I did snatch x 6 sets x 60kg and Clean & Jerk x 6 sets x 80kg again.

It seemed better today.

Here is my message - Don't stop if you are injured.

Keep moving can heal your body faster than you think.

No one likes having an injury.

I don't want it either.

But it happened.

The interesting is this week supposed is "de-load week."

The program should be more relaxed with low intensity compared to the last 4 weeks.

I am sure I can come back with 100% strength next Monday.

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