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Jason’s Transformation Story in 16 weeks

#AskKenneth | Jason’s Transformation Story in 16 weeks

Im 28 , an ICU nurse which requires shift work, a father of a 1 year old kid

The story begins in mid Aug of 2018, my best friend told me he is going to get married and Im going to be his groomsman. This was a good news to me but bad news came, I could not fit in the suit he provided, even the biggest XXL size. I was 82kg by that time

Actually, I was not very lazy, I went to gym regularly for the past few years, but I have to admit that I was a binge eater, I could finish two pizza and a whole chicken or a 60Oz steak with numerous baked potato one time.

"All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end."

Robin Sharma

I tried losing some weight, then rebound, then lost some weight again, and then rebound. In my concept before, eat less, run more, then I can lose weight. It works in the very beginning, but this method seems lost its magical power. I tried keto diet, I tried intermitten fasting, I tried herbs, I tried

many methods, and they didnt work

So I seek for help, thanks to Marvin introducing Kenneth to me. I once called Kenneth “Coach from hell”, but I know I was living in Heaven from too long.

After 4 months of training ( week 16 now),

I lost 12kg, fat loss, but muscle gain. ( You can see my physique change)

My performance has improved, from 40kg

back squat to 115kg, from 40kg deadlift to 110kg, from 60kg hip thrust to 115kg etc

You may wonder that why was I so weak even I had few years training before, I can tell you, without a proper training program and proper posture and mindset, the workouts in gym are just for sweating, nothing happened after.

“Not just train hard, but train smart.” by Kenneth

I wont have such change without proper nutritional plan. Im not saying “keep fit diet” because nutrition is not just for losing weight.

It helps me from maintaining my energy and function for my performance and working in ICU. Kenneth taught me about the functions and importance of different macronutrients, and clarified what I actually need (I used to have 2 plates of Hoinan Chicken rice after training, protein and carbs right? Come on, I didnt need it).

Thanks to Kenneth, who changed my mindset towards training, nutrition and health.

I am not perfect yet, but I am sure we would together reach our goal.

"Working on the weaknesses in your game may not always be fun, but it’s the fastest path to improvement."

⭐️10 points to take home⭐️

1. Output> Input = Weight losing

2. Eat enough protein to maintain muscle

3. Carbs are friend, but you have to EARN it, more muscle, more carbs

4. You may have many excuses not going to gym. Everyone have their difficulties,solve it, otherwise your goal wont come

5. Respect every reps, do not just rush it, feel the tension, feel the muscle

6. If it is hard, it is right, thats why not all people having six packs

7. Weigh your food, calculate the calories, and you will know what you can eat

8. Family is the greatest support

9. Believe in yourself

10. Believe your coach

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