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60 hours fasting has completed.

Now is Sunday morning at 9am. I just finished my olympiclifting session, I did clean & jerk x 225lb. I think I had an awesome training session with a clear mind this morning even I was fasting for more than 50 hours. I really felt energetic when I was at the gym.

After 60 hours, I don't feel like eating this morning. I am not hungry at all. It is my 4th time to do Reboot. However, this time I don't have any pressure at all. I am feeling good. My mood is good too. I am little surprised.

Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.

Robin Sharma

During thr 60 hours fasting window, I still went to the gym to lift weight. This week is deload week. The intensity and the volume are relatively low. Remember I injured my lower back on Monday. I am still recovering.

I did snatch yesterday, and I did clean & jerk this morning. My back is not 100% recovered, but much better now.

My morning weight was lb, down from an initial weight of 179,2lb (was 184.4lb Thursday before bed). Literally, I was not dehydrated, I drank plenty of water with exogenous ketones - ketomax within 60 hours. It gave me energy (ATP and focus) to train.

My experience of using exogenous ketones is along with the empty stomach. It functions better during training. I could stay motivated when I was not eating anything. As Dom D'Agostino said Ketone is the 4th macro. It has calories (energy).

Nothing works for those who don’t do the work

If someone questions that will fasting make you lose muscle? or lose strength? Fasting is to reboot your internal system. It is like a "break" for the body. It's a tool to reset your digestive system and insulin sensitivity and to reduce inflammation. My body was inflamed after Christmas and New Year meal(s). My body was holding so much water and looked rounded and soft.

Again, my purpose of Fasting 60 hours is not to lose bodyweight or body fat. However, it helps. Remember that I am going to compete for weightlifting 81kg weight class in Feb and Mar.

Does ketone work? Yes. According to my experience and my trainees' results.

I don't recommend everyone SHOULD do Fasting especially you are suffering from depression, and your life is chaos at this moment. It will be even worse.

However, if you are a healthy person and your goal is Fat Loss, you can try 12 horus, 16 hours, 24 hours or 36 hours intermittent fasting. John Meadows, Christian Thibaudeau and Paul Carter also recommended fasting too.

Clean & Jerk 225b this morning after recovering from lower back injury

Moreover, during the 60 hours I honestly didn't have many cravings. I had ketones 5x a day every 3 hours. Also, the critical thing I slept early before 11 pm.

The fasting days were literally easy, I kept myself busy but stayed calmed and chilled. I tried not to activate the sympathetic nervous system. I had lots of mental focus and energy during the day.

I realized that you don't need to dehydrate yourself to get shredded. As I said I drank shit load of water within 60 hours.

I reckon if you can control your hunger, you can control everything including your mind and behaviour. I literally had a lot of self-conversation during the fasting period.

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