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How To Perform Deficit Deadlift With Perfect Form

How To Perform Deficit Deadlift With Perfect Form

Deficit Deadlift is an effective deadlift variation to increase leg and back strength.

Top 10 Coaching Tips:

1. Standing on the weight plates or box (not too high).

To extend the range of motion from the floor to knees position.

2. Pronated grip (overhand grip). I don't suggest mixed grip for the Body Composition trainees.

3. Tense your lats and retract your scapulae.

4. Back straight. Don't round your back.

5. Leg drive! Push the floor! You are NOT pulling the bar up!

6. At the starting position,

Breathe in - hold your breath - abs tight - Lift!

7. Chin-in, look up!

8. Don't open your body until the bar passes the knees.

9. At the finish position,

Open your shoulders, contract your lats as hard as you can.

Squeeze your glutes at the top.

10. No touch-and-go method.

Always pause on the floor and reset your form before the next rep.

Bonus Tips:

11. Slow eccentric (negative)

12. Always keep your arms straight before the lift. Never bend your arms.

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