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#AskKenneth | 3 Grip Variations

1. Pronated Grip (PG)

= Overhead grip


1. EZ bar Reverse Curl

2. Pull-ups x Pronated grip

3. Inverted Row x Pronated grip

4. BB Overhead Press x Pronated grip

5. Bench Press x Pronated grip

6. Lat Pull Down x Pronated grip

2. Supinated Grip (SG)

= Underhand grip


1. DB Biceps Curl x Supinated grip

2. Chin-ups x Supinated grip

3. Inverted Row x Supinated grip

4. Lat Pull Down x Supinated grip

3. Neutral Grip (NG)

= Semi-supinated grip


1. Hammer Curl

2. Chin-ups x Neutral grip

3. DB Press x Neutral grip

4. Lat Pul Down x x Neutral grip

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