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Kenneth Lo

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Interview with Nick Middleton, West Coast Strength & Movement.

Interview with Nick Middleton, one of the owners of West Coast Strength & Movement.

Welcome To #AskKenneth vblog

I'm your host Kenneth Lo.

I'm dedicated to the personal training industry for 15 years.

I'm a natural bodybuilder, weightlifter, and movement practitioner. I put these 3 elements in to my training system in order to complete my training.

My goal is to help my trainees to master their training, nutrition and mindset so that they can improve their strength, physique and overcome their weak links.

Today, I am at West Coast Strength & Movement. It literally matches my training system. I'm going to interview one of the owners - Nick Middleton.


1:33s - What’s the special of Vancouver B.C.?2:21s - How’s Vancouver Fitness Industry?

4:13s - What are main reasons people need to train at the gym?

6:56s - What’s the definition of Functional Training?

8:09s - Should everyone do squat?

11:06s - Food is fuel and Body Composition.

14:27s - People see the pics form the social media but they don’t know the behind the scene.

15:00s - How can I have abs?

16:00s - What kinds of customers training at West Coast Strength & Movement?

18:58s - What’s the coaching method?

21:00s - How do coach people if they have different opinions?

23:18s - Personal Training is a science, and it’s also an art.

27:00s - What’s the definition of Movement?

32:08s - Our bodies are like cars. Training is like upgrading our engines to have better functions.

34:25s - What are the components of fitness?

35:18s - What’s the reason I integrate weightlifting and bodybuilding into my training system?

36:37s - Our bodies should train with multi-planes of movement.

37:52 - What’s the biggest challenge to the customers?

41:21s - Tips of Weight Loss.

And what’s your WHY of Fat Loss?

45:25s - Discipline Equals Freedom.

49:14s - Sports is an amazing way to discipline the children.

50:37s - Willpower Doesn’t Work.

53:45 - How to fix insomnia?

55:05s - Do you have hobbies?

58:10s - Take action!

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