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5 Things You Should Do After Transformation

5 Things You Should Do After Transformation (Bodybuilding Contest)

Body Composition Transformation (Fat Loss) should not last it for long of a period. You should stay focus to achieve your goal within a certain of the period, for example, 4-6 months. Typically, you can lose at least 20-30lb (depends how fat you are) of body fat within 3 months with strict discipline and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, your strength is getting better if you're the beginners. You can do reps of chin-ups from zero rep. You can squat certain weight from never touching the barbell.

Besides the fat loss, gym performance is vital to the transformation. I don't want to see a thin and weak trainee, I would like to see a lean and strong trainee.

What should you do after the transformation?

1. Set a new goal based on your gym performance.

Setting a new goal is very important to the training. You cannot achieve anything without a goal. For example, I want to complete 40 reps chin-ups with 20 mins. I want to squat 1.5-2 times of my bodyweight.

As an athlete, I always find NEW goals.

My Sport Achievement in 2019,

BC Masters Weightlifting - 1st

WNBF Men's Masters Physique - 1st

WNBF Men's Physique - 1st

WNBF Men's Masters Bodybuilding - 1st

WNBF Men's Bodybuilding - 1st

Next goal is World Masters Weightlifting in Aug 2019.

2. Stay lean

If you get leaner, you don't want to get fat again. You don't want to repeat the old lifestyle. If you have established a healthy lifestyle - eating clean and lifting weight, then keep it going. Don't give up your habit.

My goal is to stay lean and strong 365/24/7. Honestly, If you are not Pro-bodybuilders, you don't have "off-season". The term of the off-season is an excuse to eat crap every day without tracking the calories.

3. Keep monitoring the calories intake and macros around your gym performance

You don't have to have keto or low-carbs diet forever. You can have some carbs on training days but within the daily calories. The calories should be around your goal - gym performance.

Warning: If you eat whatever you want every day after the transformation, you will get fat. Period. Be mindful of your calories intake.

For example, if I eat too many calories with high carbs and high fat (refined foods) every day after the bodybuilding competition, I will get fat quickly. No exception.

Question: Can I have a dessert once a week? Can I have a proper dinner with a family or friends?

My answer is PLEASE DO IT at least once a week. You don't get fat after a meal. And also, family and peer support are essential.

4. Find your weakness and strengthen it.

Everyone has weak links. For example, my posterior chain is weak, I need to fix it. My mobility is poor, I need to improve it. My bench press performance is poor, I need to start doing strength training like 5 x 5 program.

5. Inspire your friends to have a healthy lifestyle. Keep sharing the positive mindset to everyone.

Here are my trainees' experiences:

If you are a school teacher, the students will have a better focus in the class if you can show them your muscle, and you perform more reps of chin-ups than them.

Your friends and colleagues will ask you how to lose fat or gain muscles when they meet you.

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