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#AskKenneth | Passive Hanging with Two Arms & One Arm

#AskKenneth | Passive Hanging with Two Arms & One Arm | 單手或雙手「被動式」身體懸掛

If you have been following Ido Portal Method, you must know the importance of Hanging.

如果你是Ido Portal 的學生,你必定知道懸掛的重要性。

Here are few reasons:


1️⃣ If you are suffering shoulder pain and tightness (like frozen shoulders), you’re recommended to do hanging. It improves your shoulders, elbows and wrist health.


Being proactive: If you want to prevent any pain from shoulders or elbows, please add it into your training program.


2️⃣ Sometimes I hear my trainees mentioned that their grip are weak when there are doing deadlift and pulling exercises like bent over row, seated row, lat pull down...


What is the solution? My answer is hanging.

Hanging can improve their grip strength.


4️⃣ Hanging can be transferred to the sports such as BJJ, MMA, rock climbing, Judo, rowing, rugby, American Football, tennis, golf, hockey, basketball, calisthenics, parkour....


5️⃣ The strength of grip plays a key role in injury prevention and overall strength development.


For example, when you're doing deadlift, if your grip fail, your lower back will be rounded.


The muscles of the flexor mechanism in the hand and forearm create grip strength while the extensors if the forearm stabilizes the wrist.


6️⃣ What’s next?

Next phases are Active Hang and Dynamic Hang


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