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Do Eating Less and Workout More For Losing More Fat?

Coaching notes on 9.8.2019 Our body is so smart. It acts as a thermostat. When the room temperature is going up (hotter), it will decrease the room temperature. When the room temperature is going down (cooler), it will increase the room temperature. Similar story to our body. When my body weight is going down, it tries to maintain the current bodyweight. We call Defense System. If you eat less (less input), your body wants to eat more. That's why you have the craving. You are always hungry. By the way, hungry is a part of the game of Fat Loss.

"There is no off-season when you are serious about being a winner." Tim S Grover

Since you are doing Calories Deficit (eating less than maintenance.) Do you mean workout more (more output) and eating less (calories deficit ) will create fat loss? Yes and No. Many people are trying to work more and eat less, but eventually you will eat more than your maintenance (calories surplus.) You cannot lose fat, or maybe gain some fat. The reason is that if you workout more and eating less, as I said before body is like the thermostat. It wants to keep you survive and don't get killed. If you are under-eating for a long time, it will crave for some sweet. For male trainees, I don't suggest you eat less than 1500kcal. For female trainees, I don't suggest you eat less than 1100-1200kcal unless you are 4-weeks out to the bikini competition. What's my suggestion of eating less and workout more? My suggestion is to do FASTING. 24 or 36 hours fasting x 1-2 times a week. Yes. You are eating less, but you don't need to increase the number of sessions of workout (No need to increase extra cardio sessions) . This method works for myself and a lot of trainees. Fasting also can minimize the craving as well.

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