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Congrats to Oscar. WNBF Singapore 3rd place.

Congrats to one of Teamkenneth members - Oscar.

He just won WNBF Singapore Men's Physique (above 167.5cm) - 3rd place.

Oscar has stared with me since 06.2017 through Online Coaching. He used to train x 3 a week when he was working at the Ocean Park coaching dolphins. Now, he trains x 6 times a week. His training program includes Olympiclifting - snatch and Clean & Jerk, squat, deadlift and hypertrophy training. I would like to say that Oscar is a machine. He never say NO to me. He always goes with 100% effort with absolute discipline. Respect for your discipline and hard work! Today, I won 3rd place. It's not his ultimate goal. I've set a new goal for him for the rest of 2019.  

What's his next goal in 2019?

Snatch 80kg

Clean & Jerk 100kg 

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