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Streetworkout x 20

If you don't want to stay at the gym to workout x 5 times a week, you can change the environment to outdoor.

Here are the 20 exercises:

Streetworkout 1:

Bulgarian Squat

Streetworkout 2:

1 1/4 Bodyweight Squat

Streetworkout 3:

Single Leg Jump

Streetworkout 4:

Jumping Lunges

Streetworkout 5:

Skater Squat

Streetworkout 6:

Pistol Squat

Streetworkout 7-10

Pull-ups with wide pronated grip

mid-pronated grip

narrow pronated grip

Lean away Pull-ups

Streetworkout 11 & 12

Assisted One Arm Chin

Typewriter Pull-ups

Streetworkout 13-16

Rins Archer Chin-ups

Assisted Rings One Arm Chin

Bar Muscle-ups

Rings Muscle-ups

Streetworkout 17-20

Bar Dips


Tucked Front Lever

Ice Cream Maker to Tucked Front Lever

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